Yankee boys and girls club at sneha bhavan

This is the third group of American Inner city youth , Yankee Boys and Girls Club of Roxbury, Boston, M.A. to visit Sneha Bhavan. The group arrived at 4.30 p.m. on Feb.22 and were accorded a warm welcome by Fr. Joe Fernandez, the staff and children.

After tea they were quick to mingle with the children. There was instant camaraderie as they played soccer and other games with the children. A few of them visited Don Bosco Boys’ Home for a basketball game.

Spontaneous interactions, and a cultural entertainment marked by lots of music, songs and dance seemed to create an atmosphere of much excitement. After a hearty dinner the group lingered on bidding goodbye to the children. “ We love to return to Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan as this visit leaves a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of our young people and the staff as well. In fact those who were here continue to talk about their experience ! Your children and staff are so very hospitable and loving. It is just awesome to be here. We will be back again!” Commented Adam , tour leader, whose third visit this was.