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news 2015

There are all kinds of experiences in life. Some of them leave you dazed! They transform your life. They cannot but touch the most sensitive chords of your life.  I  had the most humbling experience this Christmas  transporting me to a  world of gratitude!

It was Dec.24 and I was  a little tired listening to the  seemingly endless queue of people  who walked in to prepare themselves for Christmas with renewed spirits.  A mother accompanied by her two children stepped into my office. I was prepared to hear their ‘confessions’! However, they smiled radiantly and presented me with an envelope. “ Father, this is a little help for your children. My two kids have been saving up this amount for the past one year. We don’t know how much there is. “  I asked them to count the amount so that I could give them a receipt. It was Rs.1100.00 ( $ 16.00)! It was fruit of their thoughtful sacrifice. I was moved to tears as I hugged the two angels ! They had travelled for 90 minutes to present this amount!

“ Father, is it okay if I bring my twelve students to visit your home?” It was my dear friend George who teaches  in the Sunday school. “ Father Joe, my children save up some amount for the year to be given to a home for the disadvantaged. This year we thought of your children.”  
The kids came carrying their piggy bank. They met our children, sang carols and danced. Then they presented the director Fr. Varghese the piggy bank which was broken open as  everyone stood around with their faces lit up with joyful expectation. The amount was counted and amid clapping of hands. The amount was announced! “ Rs.6900.00 !” announced George.  is a huge amount for the children to save up for charity!

CHRISTMAS is indeed a feast centred around GIVING! The Father giving Himself in the person of the Son who offered himself for the salvation of mankind! Giving entails sacrifice and thoughtfulness! “ God so loved the world that He gave His only Son for the salvation of mankind.”
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