Visits & Placements

An exposure to the world of street and homeless children/youth could be a positive turning point in the lives of persons. Would you like to share their lives by living with them or by spending time with them for a while? Maybe you would like to give such an experience to your students in your class or School. This could leave a lasting experience in their lives. Even a single exposure visit could make a worthwhile difference in one’s life.


If you want to visit the homeless children in our centres, want to listen to them, want to see how they grow up with us you are welcome to come and be with them. It would be an opportunity for these children to experience your care and it could also be a touching experience for you. Contact us for more information.


Students and trainees from universities abroad and in India are offered placements with us as part of the courses that they are studying. Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan offers excellent opportunities to be trained in Don Bosco’s method of being with the young at risk, to reach out to the young in different situations of risk and to create awareness in the society regarding child rights and about problems faced by the youth in today’s society. Contact us for more information.