He has just completed his X th year of schooling and is due to enter another important phase of studies in June. His older brother was with us and has moved out after his studies.
It is only after the birth of the two children that the family realized that the mother was suffering from serious mental illness. Misunderstandings, mutual accusations, allegations followed. The mother had to return to her parents and eventually institutionalized! There are times when she cries for husband and her two children who hardly meet her.

The two boys grew up totally alienated from their mother and her family. They had their own emotional disturbances! Their father meanwhile became a victim of alcoholism and drugs. After a long and cruel period of cancer he passed away in January 2012. The two boys are now under the loving care of their widowed aunt. As he left our precincts I assured ‘Prince’ that he can count on us and does not have to feel abandoned!