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news 2015

Building a house is okay. But it is not yet owned until those for whom it is meant occupy it. The house becomes a HOME with the habitation of people who are bound together by love! It is the people who make the house a home! This is what happened on May 18, 2013! The girls with their directress made their solemn entry into their new home – the realization of their dream after a wait for 16 years!

The momentous event began with a Holy Eucharist at 6.00 p.m. celebrated by four priests of the Project.  It was followed by a friendly gathering for dinner!  Among those present were city councilors, friends, neighbours, well-wishers and those  craftsmen who gave  shape to the edifice.

The executive director Fr. Joe Fernandez SDB introduced the children and their directress Sr. Nisha to those present. The girls were visibly moved by their new home which has managed to invite the envy of all those who happened to see it! “ We have a lovely home with all conveniences. We did not even dream of such a posh home! Thank you Lord!” exclaimed Shemi who has been with Valsalya Bhavan for the past nine years! She is sincere since she has been living in different locations with very limited convenience!
This is a time to thank all those large-hearted people who supported us with their generosity. We will continue to pray for them!

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