After the cruel murder of their mother by their father the four children – two boys and two girls – were rescued by the police and entrusted with the Sisters. The family was in Kerala seeking a livelihood far away from their little hamlet in Karnataka. That was about fifteen years ago. Eventually the two boys had to be moved and brought to us.
The two girls are doing well pursuing professional careers. The older boy now going seventeen is doing his 12th year in school. He is intelligent needing occasional taps on his shoulders and cajoling to concentrate on his studies. He prefers company to books! The youngest boy does not seem to be fascinated by studies. He loves to dress well and is to be treated with a high dose of patience.
Some time ago the father was tested positive for HIV AIDS and wanted to meet the children before he dies. The two boys have gone to their village though initially they did not feel comfortable with the news about their father’s illness. This experience will have salutary impact on their lives!