Being abandoned by their mother, sexually harassed and abused by men and being under the care of a criminal father – who now is serving a sentence – is the worst that can happen to two young innocent girls! They were referred to us by the Child Welfare Committee for temporary shelter maximum for a month. The committee had no choice since the girls were uncontrollable and had to be shifted from home to home! They were troublesome and used to be violent bullies.
It is almost one year that they are with us. They seem to be aroused by boys and get easily distracted by the mere sight of men. They have difficulty in concentrating on their studies. The school authorities are constantly complaining about their bad influence on other girls in the school. They tell lies, make clandestine calls and bully the younger ones. They have formed a clique of four ! The other girls are afraid of them.

All is not tragic with them. They have their bright sides too. They are friendly, sociable, take initiatives, like to do things, do not seem to nurture any grudge, are creative , can sing and dance well! We keep praying that we may know how to handle these two lovely girls who can become real assets to society. There is an element of goodness even in the apparently most wicked young person. The educator is challenged to make it blossom!