“Father, here are the mangoes I promised you!” said the 5 ft. 7” tall Charlie (not his real name) handing me a packet of three mangoes. To my “From where from did you get these mangoes?” “I plucked them from the roadside near our school!”, he said very nonchalantly.
My feeling of surprise was bordering on shock! I said, “ thank you”, feeling embarrassed and a little guilty for the theft!

Charlie , the previous day , was found on the mango tree helping himself with mangoes. Bro. Assistant spotted him and sent him to the dean of studies who reprimanded him since this was his regular practice. Charlie flew into a rage at this injustice meted out to him. He ran out of the gate followed by a few others! Finally after a hot chase he was caught and brought back.

“Why me always? There are others too! If I am not allowed to pluck mangoes here should I go out to pluck? “. He was running, gesticulating, jumping and yelling! I tried to calm him down and told him that I would join him in his mission! He looked at me with eyes popping out of their sockets!
The next morning Charlie came to my office and apologized for his temper tantrums. Patting him on his back I said “ Get me a mango when you go out!” This was said in fun to make Charlie feel comfortable! Charlie took it very seriously! He had taken me seriously!!???
This is the story of the three mangoes!

Charlie was brought to us a year ago. He had a traumatic childhood marked by rejection and a series of abuses the scars of which are easily visible! He is writing his class X exams! Prayers are welcome!