“ Daddy, I have met my mom’s parents. I want to meet yours too! Where are they? “ There was tenderness in the little girl’s voice. She was eager to meet the parents of her dad whom she loved intensely. Johnny promised her that he would show her his home and his parents.

Johnny brought her one day to ‘ Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan’ where he grew up as a little boy. “This is my home darling. This where I grew up!” Pointing to the pictures of two of the priests on the wall he told her “ Darling, these are my parents!” There were tears in his eyes as he hugged the little girl. The girl was visibly excited as she discovered something very special about her dad.

Johnny is today 44 years old and doing well in life. He has his bachelor degree in Chemistry, post graduate degrees in library science, business management and diploma in counseling psychology. He is the librarian in a college, has developed a highly popular software for libraries. He is happy in life and extremely grateful to the Priests and other staff who contributed to his growth!

Johnny was the second kid who came under the care of the Salesians of Don Bosco in 1974 – the year when the city of Cochin handed over Sneha Bhavan to take care of at-risk and street kids. Johnny was just six years old! He knows nothing about his parents and other relatives!

Johnny was one of the thirty past inmates of ‘Sneha Bhavan’ who had come for a meeting on 19th Nov. 2012. It was a great meeting ! I was feeling proud to listen to the stories of these men. Like Johnny they had gone through the portals of Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan and are proud of the care they received when they were abandoned by their significant others!