He was brought here by our CHILDLINE ( A Helpline for children) staff. They were responding to a call from someone who said that an apparently under-aged boy was searching for a job. It was before Christmas. Ajai did not speak the local language. He hails from Siliguri which is in West Bengal. He ran away from home seeking greener pastures. His mother eloped with another man leaving him, his brother and sister to fend for themselves. His father lost his mental balance at this cruel turn of events in his life. Ajai found himself in a centre for such boys . The appalling conditions there forced him to escape with a few of his friends.

He looked quite contented and he wore a perennial smile on his face. He had an innocent look too. My heart spoke to me kindly about Ajai and in obedience to this secret communication I kept Ajai here. I did not want him to be abandoned to his fate!

Our kids had no hesitation in accepting him and making him feel at home. Soon he endeared himself to everyone. He was an artist and a singer too. Ajai was ever ready to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. However he could not pursue his studies due to proper certificates. We had to repatriate him to his homeland since he was a minor and to enable him to continue his education.

When the day arrived for him to go it was hard for me to break the news to him. He resisted all coaxing. But we had no choice. We hated to see him go. I hope and pray that this little helpless boy has a safe journey in life!