They were brought here by police at different times from different police stations! They hail from West Bengal, Orissa and Tamil Nadu. They all have one thing in common : they were all suspected to be child-laborers rescued from restaurants!

None of them has identity card for age verification. What the police do is to send them for medical examination to determine their age. They are produced before the Child Welfare Committee that meets once a week. We have to look after them here till their turn comes. If they are below 18yrs old the employer is punished with imprisonment and/or fine. The children are either released to their parents or sent to certified homes like ours for care and protection! The employers will have to deposit the fine amount for the care of the children!

The authorities send them to us knowing full well that they are safe here. They don’t run away! The new comers are immediately made to feel at home by our kids and get adjusted without much delay. They are provided accommodation and other basic stuff they need till they leave this center. It is hard to accommodate so many more at a time since our house is full already! But we are happy to be part of the lives of these hapless kids even if it means lots of adjustment.

Communication is difficult with the language barriers. There are a few among our boys who know the language since they are from these states. Language of the heart prevails!