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Begun in 1974 in collaboration with the Cochin city administration for the care and protection of the most deprived children in society, Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan project has today six centres. All these centres depend almost entirely on the generous participation of good-hearted individuals, families, groups, institutions and agencies.

Not a day passes when we are not in for surprises like when  two 18-year-olds dropped in with half-a-sack of rice that they won at Onam celebrations or like two young ladies working in a fishery bringing ladoos to share with the children : “We want to spend some time with the children!”.  Recently, a gang of five youngsters drove in with cakes to celebrate the birthday of their friend in Bangalore. Then there is someone dropping in with a packet of toffees for children during the games, offering snacks for tea or sharing a bunch of bananas grown at home!

 Groups of children from schools come with gifts to share some fun time with our children.  Tourists drop in to have meals with us. Volunteers come knocking at our doors offering help to coach our children. The list of surprises is endless!

Living here is living with surprises and miracles of love, stewardship, generosity and sacrifice! Our hearts leap up with gratitude to all those who surprise us leaving us spellbound, speechless, overwhelmed and above all, humbled!
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