Born in a prison, raised by a mother who conceived him out of wedlock, brought up in the streets he is a much confused child. Now sixteen though he does not reflect his age, Davoo ( not his real name) was brought here about a year ago.
He attends a school about a mile away from here. There is a shrine in front of the school. Davoo frequents the shrine ‘to pray’. From what he does, praying is not his only intention. He has learned to steal from the offering box. When questioned he goes into denial and then owns up his act with no sign of regret. He has also mastered the art of shop-lifting.
“ My mother used to send me to pick up things from wayside shops when I was little. I can’t resist the temptation to steal.” When questioned about his reluctance to study he quips: “ I am not interested in studying. Why do you force me? I can manage to earn a living without this meaningless and troublesome business of studying!. You can leave me alone! I don’t want to stay here! I don’t mind going to jail!”
Davoo smiles nonchalantly, and has a charm of his own! Davoo needs attention, love, understanding and above all divine assistance!


Children are inventive especially when it comes to offering excuses for what they do or don’t do! It is quite a job at times to get the truth out of them!
Recently it happened that two of our kids were found making frequent visits to coffee shops and restaurants. Their companions were rather intrigued and the matter was reported to the director. The two were questioned and they said that they had found a Rs.500.00 note ( bill) was found near a bakery and they had used it to purchase eatables. Soon it was found they had stolen another Rs.1500 from one of their companions in the Home! On being asked to give an account of how they spent the money the account was produced item by item without delay!
After two days the duo were found to possess Rs.3500.00! This time again they said they had stolen it from the same boy from whom they had taken the previous amount! On being asked the other boy denied having so much money with him! He agreed that he had with him Rs.1500.00. When reminded that children are not allowed to keep any money with them, he readily offered explanations for keeping money with him!
Questioning and cross questioning have failed to solve the mystery about the money. Other baffling details are left out to keep the story short!
Fr. Joe Fernandez sdb


She was hardly five when she was brought to the Home for Girls. She was an orphan growing up in a home for children. A fragile looking, gentle little angel with an intelligent smile! With her winning ways this little Daisy ( not her real name) it did not take much time for her to endear herself to others. Soon she found herself as the darling of everyone. No one has anything unkind to say about her. The other children love her for her kind ways.
Daisy tops her class in studies, does not create envy in anyone with her humble nature. A look at her will tell anyone that Daisy is a happy child thankful to God for the gift of life and all that life has to offer her. She builds bridges among her companions, does not lose her cool even in the midst of apparently chaotic situations. We pray that Daisy continues to be blessed!
- Fr. Joe Fernandez sdb


When home is not a home anymore but a hell children do not seem to mind escaping from such an unpleasant situation. Arvind and Tarun did exactly this. Arvind looked 7 and Tarun 5 when they were brought to Sneha Bhavan. They were found looking around totally lost at the railway platform when the railway police rescued them and brought them to us.
It did not take too long for them to get adjusted to a totally new world of children like them except for a language barrier. Two attempts were made to run away!
They said they were from Andhrapradesh lying south of Kerala. The real reasons for leaving home risking their young lives is still shrouded in mystery as they refuse to share the details of their leaving home.
Today, three years later, they have become two stars! They have learned the language and are attending the school nearby. When asked if they would like to go back home this is their reply: “No! We are very happy here and we want to go to school. We want to study!”