Sponsor a Child

Ramya was a five year old girl hailing from Tanjore, in Tamilnadu, Southern India. The age at which she should have started her education, she was sold by her father for one hundred rupees ( $2.00) to his distant relative to do home chores. In the relative’s house she had to clean and wash clothes of the inmates. The relative of Ramya again sold her through a broker for rupees ten thousand to a certain family at Trivandrum, Kerala. There the child had to suffer a great deal. She had to do all the works in the kitchen, washing the dishes, drawing water and cleaning the floor. She was given meager food and had to help in preparing the food for the family. The family treated her like filth and often used physical violence on the helpless child when she made mistakes. One day when she cried for food she was locked up in an empty kennel outside the house. Hearing the cries of the child, a passerby saw the plight of the child and informed the police. Childline team members rescued the child and placed her at Valsalya Bhavan.

Now Ramya is twelve years of age and she has left her gruesome past behind and smile and laughter is back on her face and she is enjoying her childhood which was once lost. She is happy to attend school and a dignified life is restored to her.

Like Ramya, there are so many children in our project as well as in the society around who are denied basic child rights and a dignified existence. We through our children’s homes are catering to about 200 children and youth to lead them to a brighter future.

We invite you to join hands with us to support and sponsor at least one such child and thus become a person who care to share, sensitive to the needs of the downtrodden. All it takes to support the basic needs of a child such as food and clothing is 60 cents a day or $18.00 a month.

Your support makes it possible for children like Ramya, to get the basic care they desperately need today and the education that will lead to a better life tomorrow.