It is my strong conviction that saving a child from perilous situations is the sacred duty of everyone especially Christians since Christ was born especially for such. If these children, exposed to the cruel whims and fancies of a vicious culture of violence against human dignity, are left to fend for themselves they tend to perpetuate the system. There is every chance of their turning out to be agents of crime and delinquency throwing the society out of gear and creating moral chaos! One criminal is enough to cause irredeemable loss to families and to society !
The 180 plus children and young people staying with us in our five centres are rescued from all kinds of dangerous situations. They could run away. But they do not though our facilities are kept open day and night and the children attend regular schools.

Sports and games, music and hobbies, studies and fun ensure their healthy growth. The whole schedule is designed to be therapeutic. There is plenty of laughter, fun and frolic. All of us join them at work and play. I love to be with them for in their sweet company my tensions are worries melt away. Ours is a big, happy family!!

We say to ourselves when problems arise that we are called to be saviours and should see and love them as Jesus does. This Christmas is an invitation to all of us to be generous with our love!