Seven Core Centres

Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan realises its multiple objectives and mission through seven core centres:

Sneha Bhavan Annexe

The Sneha Bhavan Annexe is often the first point of contact with children on the street. It is a welcoming place for them to drop in as and when they choose. For many, it is a shelter where they can spend a safe night off the street. An understanding ear and compassionate heart is the first step in guiding these street children towards a new and better life.
Counselling, recreation facilities, home placement, advocacy, literacy programmes, medical help, job placement and life skills are all facilitated through this centre.
In addition, Childline, the free 24 hour helpline run by Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan is also operated out of the Sneha Bhavan Annexe.

Sneha Bhavan

Literally translated as the 'home of love', Sneha Bhavan is a home for the children from the streets and for those from unhealthy and risky situations. It was the first centre to be established, and it houses around 75 young boys between the ages of 6 -13 years.
The main aim is to provide the children with a wholesome environment where their psychological, physical and spiritual well being is looked after. It provides shelter, food, clothing and education support for the children. Children attend a public primary school close to the centre. As well as vital education facilities, Sneha Bhavan also offers recreational activities like band, outings, yoga, meditation, prayer, and group games for the boys to be engaged in for their personal and social growth.
This is a collaborative venture with The City Municipal Corporation of Kochi, who graciously provides the land, building, School materials and supplies of the Sneha Bhavan centre.

Don Bosco

Boys between the age of 13-16 are provided with residence at the main Don Bosco centre. Like at Sneha Bhavan, the boys are furnished with all the opportunity to complete their education, academic and non-academic. They are given a chance to expand their horizons in both intellectual and extra-curricular activities, such as sports, games, camps, meditation, yoga, prayer and music. The residents at Don Bosco attend a local high school to complete their education to at least 10th standard. There are around 40 boys at the centre, many of whom have come through the Sneha Bhavan centre.

Bosco Nilayam

Young adults from the Don Bosco centre who wish to continue their studies after high school or find employment are able to reside at the Bosco Nilayam centre. Those who chose to study are supported with lodgings and food. The working youngsters support themselves from their personal earnings. A time limit is set for the amount of time residents can stay at the centre to complete their studies and start employment.
At the Bosco Nilayam centre, resident young people are expected to manage their own lives. This is a key strategy in the rehabilitation process as it is from this institution that many will return back into mainstream society. Saving their earnings is a key requirement if they are to stay at the centre. Support for job placement, building a home and starting a family are also offered, based on an individual care plan.

Valsalya Bhavan

The Valsalya Bhvan centre is solely for the young girls who are rescued from the streets. Runaways, street children, children of sex workers, abused children and child labourers all live here. Along with primary and high school education at a local school, the centre provides shelter, food, clothing and educational support. Other services offered to the girls include counselling, recreational activities, healthcare, yoga, and personality development programmes.
Those young girls who are ready and who have become capable are gradually placed into appropriate institutions as part of the rehabilitation process as they make their way back into mainstream society.

Valsalya Bhavan Annexe

The need was always there of providing separate accommodations for junior and senior girls. Now we have a new centre for girls doing their high school studies : Valsalya Bhavan Annexe. Inaugurated on March 16, 2013 by Union Minister Prof. K.V. Thomas and blessed by Most Rev. Dr. Francis Kallarackal, Archbishop of Verapoly the new centre can accommodate about 40 children. It is on Don Bosco Road, Vaduthala, Cochin -23 and covers an area of 7146 sq.ft.


DBPSS CENTRE is a place where young people, their parents and mentors are offered the necessary psycho-social support to enhance their lives, to enable them to lead personally satisfying and socially useful lives!
We work in collaboration with the Educational Institutions, Residents Welfare Associations, Kudumbashree Ayalkoottams and other organizations that work for the welfare of young people in our neighbourhood.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help to create a better world through the creation of a better self. : “Better self, better world!”

Our Services

The following services are available daily:
  • LIBRARY AND READING ROOM – to help to expand the mind, to assist in being curious, creative and to be cultured.
  • COMPUTER CLASSES – to help to sustain computer literacy and acquire skills leading to employment
  • MUSIC CLASSES - to acquire music skills to entertain and to qualify for earning a decent livelihood.
  • COUNSELING - to help to know oneself, to lead a wholesome life enabling the individual to face the ups and downs in life with confidence, courage and competence
  • YOGA – to develop physical and psychological poise and to acquire self-control
  • MARTIAL ARTS ( Kurash, Karate, Taekwondo,..) - to assist in acquiring physical and psychological discipline