The seven of them have been preparing themselves for this great day. There were teachers to explain to them the basic truths about their Belief system and make them understand the practical implications of what they were going to do. They had to learn the prayers and truths about their belief. It was quite hard for them to grasp the meaning of all they were learning unaccustomed to any family prayers and religious education. They never probably had the joy of a Christian family tradition. There were 36 children in all receiving their First Holy Communion in the nearby parish. Our seven little angels were there too all dressed in white wearing lovely crowns of roses and holding exquisitely decorated candles. I was one of the concelebrants at the Mass which was in the Eastern Rite ( Syro-Malabar). Only three had someone from their family to be by their side. The rest had our staff to be their strength.

It was indeed a moving experience to witness the eagerness coupled with the nervousness of the kids as they knelt to receive the Sacred Body and Blood of the Lamb of God. The seven were radiant and beamed with joy as they came out of the Church for their snacks. Then followed the photo sessions. I pray that these little ones may carry Jesus with them and that they may experience His ever abiding presence in their lives!