“ Look here Father. I’ll show you something. See the moon up in the sky? It runs with me. It is my moon!!” saying this he ran a little distance and shouted back: “ See Father. The moon is here!” Then he ran back beaming with pride to marvel at the miracle of the moon! “ Look Father! The moon is back with me! Didn’t I tell you? I have two moons. One is here and the other one is at my place. They are different. There it is curved and here it is full circle!” Then he added: “ Do you have a moon father?” This experience touched my heart and brought me closer to him. And I hugged him for dear. Here is a little 5 year old boy – someone with unadulterated innocence. How I wish I could be like him! We call him B.P. He was rescued by the police from the train and entrusted to us. He was found begging singing popular melodies in trains. He spoke Hindi and was obviously from somewhere in North India.
His first days were rather tough both for him and for the staff as well. Now he is totally at home after one year. B.P. is unquestionably the most popular child in the Home. All love him and his antics. He exudes joy and his laughter is contagious. By now fluent in Malayalam his description of any event is captivating.

B.P. has very special love for birds and animals. Leading me to the three dogs that had landed there on their wanderings he tells me: “ Father, these are my dogs. They listen to me. Just watch. ” He called one and it wagged its tail and grinned at him. “ See! I told you. They obey me.” Then he went on to describe in very graphic language how ferocious the dogs are especially towards stray dogs and thieves, how they would tear them up into bits if they ever dared to enter the compound in the night. He did not know that his dogs were also stray dogs not long ago!

The little boy is very kind, affable, loving and compassionate. I have heard him admonish wrong doers not to do anything bad. He loves SNEHA BHAVAN. “ This is my home!”
B.P. is our ambassador. His innocence and spontaneity make every visitor feel at home instantly . It is great to see him holding the visitors’ hands and offering them a guided tour!

B.P. sings well as he used to do. He thrills the visitors as he sings in four languages! His native intelligence coupled with his congenial ways is his greatest asset ! I love him dearly and my heart goes out to him as he has nowhere to go until we trace out his roots! We are his family and he is our child. What an awesome responsibility! I pray that B.P. may continue to be the sweetest child that he is now. Of course he will grow as little boy Jesus did!