Our Trophy Winners

Our children seem to have a way of winning trophies even with the minimum of coaching . They have a fighting spirit which comes out of their intense longing for survival. Their past childhood experiences have probably made them realize that if they need to survive they have to fight! They are the medal winners for their school especially in games and sports. They are selected to play at the district and state level competitions.
Six of our children represented the school in sports and Dinesh won a silver in Kurash at the recently held state level school competitions. Dinesh is with us for the past eight years. He was hardly six when he was rescued by the police and brought to Sneha Bhavan. Dinesh is also a school police cadet.
Murali proved his mettle in hurdles. Murali is a total orphan with no ties with his family. He got lost when he was hardly six years old. Babu has always been a champ representing the state at the national games and keeps up his winning spree earning laurels for the school in athletics. Babu has nobody but us to call his own! Akash is a good walker. He too is an orphan!
It is not yet two years since Saravanan and his younger sister were brought to us by their distraught mother who had to escape from the ill-treatment meted out to her and her children by her husband. Saravanan is brilliant and is proving to be the pride of his school as he represents it in several events where intelligence counts!
Our children are our pride and the source of our joy. They are like enchanting lotus flowers whose roots may be in slush. But that does not affect the brilliance of their blooms.


It was a special day for Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan as three of our children were among the ten who were honoured with the CHILD ACHIEVER AWARD in connection with the silver jubilee of UNCRC ( UN Convention on the Rights of the Child). The programme was organized by the Rajagiri Outreach, UNCRC and the Corporation of Cochin on Children’s Day, Nov.14,2014 at Subash Park, Ernakulam.
Dinesh, Murali and Babu were the lucky ones who were selected considering their excellent performance in Games and Sports events.