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June 1, 2015 was the beginning of the new academic year. It was such a delightful sight to see children dressed in their school uniform marching cheerfully to their  school with their heavy bags  and new umbrellas!

With 55 children at Sneha Bhavan, 39  at Don Bosco Boys’ Home, 15 at Bosco Nilayam,  16 at Valsalya Bhavan, 25 at Valsalya Bhavan Annexe, we are 150 besides the floating number of young adults at Sneha Bhavan Annexe. Ours is a big family and still growing!

There is a divine uniqueness about us.  Ours is a large family where Catholic priests, Nuns, children and staff belonging to different faiths live together in peace, harmony and genuine fellowship. Most of our children do not belong to the Christian Faith. There are children from different parts of India too.

This is indeed a great message for those who plunder, kill and murder in the name of God! It is sign of religious and communal harmony, acceptance of differences and unity in One God, a God of Love!

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