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news 2015

Not many may know what NIAT stands for. But for our children NIAT is part of their vocabulary as NAVAL INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL TECHNOLOGY! Come November and they look forward with eagerness towards the arrival of Team NIAT to give Sneha Bhavan and Valsalya Bhavan  a much desired face-lift and loads of gifts!
27, 28, 29, 31 Oct., 2015 are memorable days when their ‘chettans’ ( elder brothers) from NIAT came calling for the fourth year! The ‘Homes’ started buzzing with activities, painting, repairing, replacing etc. Team NIAT left Sneha Bhavan only at 2.30 a.m. on 29 after their project completion!

Interesting games and sports organized by NIAT trainees and staff injected new energy and dynamism into the children! The cultural programmes that were held for the children of Sneha Bhavan and Don Bosco at Sneha Bhavan campus and for the children of Valsalya Bhavan were marked by pure fun, frolic, togetherness and a spirit of camaraderie!

Every child besides the winners received gift kits containing useful items for daily use.
We were highly honoured by the most encouraging and gracious presence of VIPs : Mrs. Priyamwada Pandit (coordinator Pragati, NWWA(SR), Mrs. Usha Venugopal ( coordinator Sparsh, NWWA (SR), Dr. (Mrs) Varinder Kaur Kalra,  and Mrs Anuradha Pisharody ( coordinator Little Angels School (SR).

Special mention should be made of Commodore Sanjeev Dureja, the director of NIAT and Mrs. Richa Dureja who were the soul of all the events. The personal concern and inspiring presence of Commodore S. Dureja will continue to live in our hearts and in our memory!

The culmination of the events was on Oct.31 when all the children from the three ‘homes’ were taken to NIAT. They were accorded a warm welcome, taken on a tour of the facility, served refreshments and were transported to the amazing world of magic. The day ended with a delicious lunch and a cultural show!

As we express our special thanks to TEAM NIAT and NWWAs we pray God to bestow upon them and all dear to them His choicest blessings!
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