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news 2015

“ I feel very much comforted at the assurance that my children are in safe hands and that they are not just my children only but they belong to Don Bosco too.” Lakshmi a mother of three was speaking at the end of a ‘Guardians’ Day meeting organized at Don Bosco Boys’ Home, Palluruthy. Lakshmi has her two daughters at Valsalya Bhavan. Her son is at Sneha Bhavan.

While the nation was celebrating Republic Day on January 26, fifty guardians of Don Bosco Snheha Bhavan Project met at Don Bosco. The meeting began at 10.30 a.m. and ended with lunch. Fr. Joe Fernandez, the executive director addressed the gathering assuring them that every child that came to Don Bosco was not somebody else’s child but part of the family of Don Bosco and they received the best of attention.

About 25 % of the 170 children in the project do not have anyone to call their own. The rest except for five children , are from single parent families! They have grown up in a negative atmosphere of rejection and abandonment. Not exposed to a loving, secure and safe environment they have within them the dark scars of anger, suspicion and fear of authority.

The meeting was intended to help the guardians to be part of a system that extends to thei children an unconditional love and acceptance.


Not all children are lucky to have a happy childhood, enjoying the sunshine of parental love. Many are the factors that contribute to the creation of such a traumatic situation of rejection and abandonment. Institutions committed to the care and protection of children take care to create an environment of love and acceptance.

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