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news 2015

Correspondence was going on for almost a year ! The day finally arrived when 14 teens with their mentors came to visit us on Feb.23. They were the lucky inner city kids to have a tour of India. They are primarily from low-income households and were able to travel via a scholarship from an unknown donor who sends a group from this organization to India each year. They truly enjoyed their interaction with our children. I would love to return and be a volunteer here after a couple of years! That was Shelley (15 yrs. old) speaking at the end of the four hours she spent with our children.

There was absolute freedom of interaction and plenty of fun. They all sang, danced, played soccer and basket ball! However, the basket ball team was unlucky to lose by one point! They had no choice in selecting their players! They have vowed to return for another match. This time they will be the victors. . All right reserved        EMAIL : Design By