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news 2015

I can see heaven in his eyes! They look like two tiny bright stars shining softly in a peace-filled night. I wonder how any human being even with an iota of love in his/her heart abandon this little angel ! Suresh ( not his real name) has a fragile look! This tiny 4-year-old is today part of our large family. He has made himself at home with his million dollar smile and gentleness!

There is something very special about Prasanna. Such a lively child! Prasanna moves around with a radiant face. He has his childish pranks and haughty ways. Everyone is aware of his being so very young and no one denies him even his unreasonable demands. He takes up an angelic pose during prayer. I tend to imitate his prayerful posture. Prasanna does not know how to walk. He trots along the corridor and in the playground. Meals time is most interesting. I snatch away some of his apparently favourite items. He frowns at me and let me have them. Maybe he knows that I will return them to him! Life is indeed fascinating with these kids. My children donít let me grow old! Come and see! . All right reserved        EMAIL : Design By