Let us call him Tony. He has been brutalized by his insensitive father just because he fell sick when he was about 13 years old. The father had to spend almost all his earnings for his treatment without much benefit since the boy continues to suffer from fits! The father blames Tony for all his economic downturn! He was a drunkard already and now his situation deteriorated so much that he behaves like a beast under the influence of alcohol The man cannot stand the sight of his older son whom he hates with all his being! They cannot see eye to eye! The young man is determined to teach his father a lesson for ruining his life! In the midst of all this tragic happenings the lady of the house can only shed tears of despair and total helplessness!

The boy was brought here with an order from the child welfare committee which has asked us to provide him care and safety. The lady who took the initiative of approaching the committee brought him here with a packet of pills for his illness. Tony cannot skip taking the medicine.

The boy suffers from serious learning disability and tardiness! His native innocence has not suffered! He is simple, friendly, generous and helpful! He cannot cope up with his studies though he attends school regularly. We do hope and pray that Tony enjoys his life here and grows up to be a productive citizen!