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news 2015

Joby Josy has been with us for the past five years  and is now in class X. He lost his father several years ago and his mother is in a hospice for mentally ill patients.
Joby’s  dream has always been to be a foot ball player. Though short in stature he has proved himself to be a stylish and promising player. However, now his dream has been shattered!

It was about three weeks ago Joby was admitted in the hospital for fever. During the investigation it was discovered that he had a severe heart disease with two valves needing urgent replacement. After consulting several cardiologists it is decided that he should have a surgery at the earliest.

It is decided that the surgery will be done at   St. Greogorios Medical Mission Hospital, Parumala in April/May 2016. The hospital charges will be Rs. 250,000.00. The hospital is hopeful to raise the necessary funds from different sources. However, they want us to keep some amount ready for any eventuality.

We are concerned about the future of the boy since he will be on medication all his life. We want to build up a considerable amount so that he can live without tension.

We appeal to generous souls to help us to meet the medical expenses and ensure a secure life for Joby. Your donation is tax exempt under 80 G certificate. 

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