There was absolute concern in his voice as he stammered: “ Father, please help rescue my sister and bring her here. She is in danger. She needs to be pulled away from that horrible place before she gets lost!” I was humbled by the sensitivity of this child. I had not realized that Karma was capable of such tender feelings. I could see tears welling up in his eyes as he stood before me pleading to do something before it was too late.
Sharma had just returned from a visit to his home far away in Dimapur in the state of Nagaland. The journey alone took him and his escort nine days and nine nights to reach the town. A few more days were spent in finding out his family. His inability to locate his mother wrecked him. However he was able to meet his father and his younger sister. She is below sixteen and yet is employed in road construction and exposed to immense dangers. Meanwhile his father seemed to be reveling in his notoriety!

It was the cruelty of his father that drove him mad and eventually made him escape from home! That was about 8 years ago. He is now attending school and is in Class IX. Sharma has won several awards at local, state and national levels. A good artist, an animal lover, a sportsman that he is Sharma is humble too.

Except for his volcanic temper he is a good boy! We are hopeful that he will be able to quell the raging flames of his volatile temper! As for his sister we are trying to get her rehabilitated through our centres in Dimapur. Sharma’s sister has now become our responsibility !