It was a day of rejoicing when Dhanesh and Jeejy arrived at Don Bosco as man and wife on 16, Nov.! Dhanesh and Jeejy got married on Nov.8,2015 at Thalassery. Jeejy is an engineer specialized in electronics and communication while Dhanesh is an AC mechanic working in Mauritius.

There was undiluted joy on the face of Dhanesh as he described to Jeejy the debt of gratitude he owed Don Bosco, his home. He did not hide the fact that he was at Don Bosco for more than 12 years. He revealed to his bride that he could celebrate the marriage so elaborately only because of the generous help he received from Don Bosco!

It was a few self-sacrificing friends from Don Bosco that made sure that his rented home was ready to welcome the newly married couple and guests.

Dhanesh needs a home of his own and a decently paid job to feel safe and secure. We are sure that Dhanesh and Jeejy will have a long and happy married life!