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news 2015

“ Father, can we help you? We want to do something for your children.” I was excited to hear such lovely words. They made me relax! These two arrived at the scene precisely when  I was wondering  how we could keep our children engaged this long summer vacation.

 The pair that dropped in were Roshan and Rohan who had just completed their engineering studies. Soon their companions Anjali, Hari and Vrinda joined in. Thanks to these dynamic, good hearted, generous  young men and women our children had an exciting and useful time! 

They surrendered  their time, money, energy and personal resources to the children. Hailing from different parts of the city and beyond they endeared themselves to the children with their self-sacrificing, committed, friendly and compassionate ways!
Yoga was part of the regimen   thanks to Mr. Vasu who spent his morning hours for the children. Rishel was another young lady who pitched in whenever she could! Anson is teaching our children music.

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