The children of Sneha Bhavan and Don Bosco, Palluruthy had one of the most exciting experience of the year on Feb. 28,2016! They were full of mirth as they bounced with all their might in their new magic castle. They were shrieking, laughing, howling as only children can do. They were expressing their excitement to have such a surprise-filled event!

It was a gift from Mr. Thomas Bruckmeir from Germany who drove all the way to India in their Benz van carrying a bouncy castle and a few jugglery items that would delight the hearts of thousands of deprived children who otherwise would not have an opportunity to step into a bouncy castle and get lost in the sheer joy of bouncing to their hearts’ content.

“ We love doing this and it gives meaning to our lives as we see children bouncing around with joy filled with laughter and expressions of joy! There is happiness in sharing ourselves with others, especially with the deprived.”