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Sneha Bhavan children have been housed since 1974 in what looks like more than a century old building which used to be an oil mill. Tiled roof and large halls partitioned into rooms served as Director’s office, store room, staff room, study halls, multipurpose hall, dormitories with bunker beds and dining hall.

Today about two thirds of the building has being pulled down as it was threatening the lives of children and staff due to cracks and shifting of roof . The situation was quite precarious. After months of dilly dallying with the situation the city administration has finally decided to construct a new building thanks to the intervention of International Human Rights Association and State Child Rights Commission. However, there is no definite timeframe for the completion of the building.

Presently the children are having a rather tough time trying to get adjusted to limited space and consequent inconvenience. Rainy season is going to make things really bad. We keep our fingers crossed, our lips moving in prayers and our hearts filled with anxiety! We do hope and pray a new abode is completed notwithstanding the political bickering that is going on! . All right reserved        EMAIL : Design By