Community-Based Services

We believe in networking rather than working in isolation. In order to achieve both our mission and vision, it is vital to engage with and have support from multiple stakeholders who are stakeholders in various sectors for the welfare and development of the young at risk.
Tackling the multiple social issues we face at the root cause is a critical aspect of our strategy. This means we also focus on raising awareness of social issues in the community and working with appropriate community groups and authoritative bodies in a preventative and formative effort in child and youth development.

Policy Interventions

Our efforts have paved the way for enacting government orders to ban child beggary and child labour in the district, and to initiate actions to prevent substance abuse among school children. We have also enabled the Government of Kerala to adopt missing child search and the Home Link Network for Missing Children.

Awareness Raising Campaigns

In order to help tackle root causes of youth-at-risk issues, it is vital to raise awareness and create understanding of these issues in the community targeting children, young people and adults. Towards this end, we develop and undertake a variety of campaigns using multiple methods (including posters, flyers, events, talks, and media activity) to achieve this. Issues that we deal with during these campaigns include child abuse, child safety, child labour, substance abuse, mental health and positive childhood amongst many others. Much of our activities are carried out in the community, providing information, services and empowering young people. An important initiative is community-based counselling. In our outreach programme, seven to eight trained counsellors regularly go out into the community (such as schools) for a full day and provide information on youth at risk related mental health issues and also offer one-to-one counselling sessions for those in need. We also organise the annual children’s day event where children from the local communities are invited to participate in a fun day of games, dancing and learning about child issues.