Centre-Based Services

With over 35 years of experience helping and providing support to youth at risk, we use a range of services and techniques to help rehabilitate the numerous children who come into our care back into mainstream society. Through our holistic rehabilitation process, we focus on helping children during of four key life stages during childhood and early adulthood:

Counselling & Guidance

After warmly welcoming the child or youth coming to us from a risky or unhealthy situation, counselling and guidance is offered as an essential. All the children we engage with receive appropriate counselling to help them deal with the situations they came to us from and effectively address the deep psychological trauma they have experienced in their lives.

Shelter & Care

Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan operates five different centres in Kochi, Kerala which offer a variety of options in shelter, education and rehabilitation to different types of children and youth in need. These five centres range from a drop-in centre (Sneha Bhavan Annexe) through to semi-permanent residencies (Sneha Bhavan, Don Bosco, Valsalya Bhavan and Bosco Nilayam) for those who quit the streets or are from similarly unhealthy environments.
We aim to meet the individual needs of these children and youths at risk by providing shelter, food, clothing, counselling and education opportunities amongst many other services, giving them the best chance for a more prosperous future.

Education & Training

Education and training sits at the heart of the Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan holistic child rehabilitation philosophy. All of those who reside at one of the semi-permanent residencies attend public school which is further supported by private tuition if required and study time as a fundamental part of every child's daily schedule.

Health & Well-Being

The health of all the children and young people in our care is of utmost importance. We engage with a network of medical practitioners and institutions to provide us with medical support for our children when required.
To support their overall well-being, we provide an array of facilities for recreation including basketball, volleyball, football and playgrounds. Specialised coaching is also given in boxing, judo, athletics, football, basketball and volleyball.
A strong focus is placed on the arts and life-skills. Children are encouraged to take up activities including Indian musical instruments for orchestration, band, dance, meditation, yoga, prayer, ethics and singari melam, comprising drums and symbols.

Family Restoration & Institutional / Home Placement

In every case, every effort is made to restore the children back to their families if they have families or close relatives. This is, however, always dependant on many factors - ultimately, the child's welfare and future opportunities is at the heart of any decision. Where it is not appropriate to reunite children with their families, parents and relatives are often able to visit Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan sharing quality time and meals with the children.
For children without a family or where it is not possible to be in the care and protection of their family, those who are ready and have the capabilities are placed either in a home or appropriate institution as a stepping stone back into mainstream society. Foster care is often explored as an alternative to institutional care, as we believe that children are nurtured best in a family environment.

Societal Reintegration

Youngsters can choose to remain with Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan when continuing with their studies after high school or until they find employment. The emphasis here shifts towards working with these young people to become independent and start to become more integrated into mainstream society. They are provided with hostel-based lodgings (Bosco Nilayam), but they are expected to manage their own lives, which is a key phase in the rehabilitation process. They are only allowed to stay for a limited time at the centre whilst they complete their studies or stabalise in new jobs. Saving money is a crucial aspect in their rehabilitation process.
Further support once they leave the centre may be given to building a house and starting a family in the general community if it is needed.

Other Support Services

  • placement into other institutions of other agencies
  • advocacy and legal advice - literacy programmes
  • issues-based awareness programmes for children, adolescents, and youth
  • vocational guidance
  • job placement