Chicken pox is a disease that often calls for isolation leading to boredom! However, this is not the case with our children of Sneha Bhavan( Home for small children).

Chicken pox raised its ugly head claiming is first six victims on Nov.18. Soon the number swelled to a manageable level. Since Sneha Bhavan did not have any room for isolation the chicks were brought to Don Bosco( Home for high school children) and kept in the best guest room reserved for VIPs! They had a gala time with the attention given to them by the Rector himself. After a few days they were given a grand send-off and the room disinfected only to find fourteen other chicks rushing to claim the comfort of the exclusive room.

The chicks are served good food and the executive director himself makes sure to visit them at least twice a day taking special treat!

Every day is a new day with skits, songs, mimicry, enactment of anecdotes from the Holy Scriptures and from story books, storytelling, word game, and such lively programmes. With the amount of free time their presentations are an exciting combination of creativity and originality!

Many at Sneha Bhvan are claiming to have chicken pox to enjoy a few well deserved holidays! The videos of the events are available of course for a price!!