Though just fourteen he is the tallest in his class and is still growing! He attends an English medium school which follows a non-state syllabus. He does well in his studies, has his own select company, owns a delightful sense of humour, and is fun to be with. Of late he has joined Judo classes and is also learning to play guitar. Games? He does not have much taste for them except may be for basketball! He does hard work mainly because : “ I want to strengthen my muscles! It is good for my judo!”

“ Your father is on the line! He wants to talk to you.” “ Please tell that guy never again to call me. I hate him! He has no heart and has ruined my life!” Beswin hates his father and has no kind words about his mother too. For all practical purposes he is an orphan – a psychological orphan!

I was overwhelmed as he shared with me with tears flowing down his cheeks a few of the saddest experiences in his life! This boy has gone through hell and high water and needs a lot of healing. That is what we try to do! Someone like him cannot be ignored! Ignoring him is a disservice to humanity! He has many contributions to be made to the society.