What do you think of a 15 year old lad who ran away from home when he was hardly five? He had several free rides c/o Indian Railways, was institutionalized in four different Government homes and two private centres? He joined us back in 2011 after a gap of six years! Soon he was enrolled in the nearby school in class VIII.
He believes in placing his interests before those of others. His reasoning: “ Unless I look after myself, nobody else will! Let me make sure of myself first. Only then can I help others later!” For him rules of the Home are not obligatory. They are better left to the convenience of the boys. “ Why pray? There is no God. Where is he? “ are few of his comments on life!

When he gets hurt or irritated he flares up! He threatens to lodge complaints with the police. In fact he did so on three occasions! After completing his exams in March he decided to go to his village in the nearby state of Andhra Pradesh. Not a word was mentioned to the staff. Few of his companions knew what he was going to do.

He called me up telling me that everything was okay with him and that he would return at the end of the month. I welcomed him back and asked him to take care of himself. Once he returns we will have another series of adventures. We need to have recourse to our reserve of patience, understanding, acceptance and compassion.