Though fifteen Amir appears to be hardly 10 yrs old. I was meeting him for the first time. He seemed to be at ease with everyone. Soon I realized that he loves to meet people, to talk to them, to welcome them, to take them around etc. I was surprised to see him with a note book and pencil in hand. He was not enrolled in the school. I was told that he was struggling to learn the alphabets of his mother tongue! It was most surprising to learn that he was doing std. VIII. Here is a fifteen- year -old boy attending school for eight years and still not knowing how to read and write.

With special coaching Amir learned to distinguish the alphabets. Eventually we admitted him class VI in the nearby school. Now with personal coaching Amir is making slow progress.

I was told his story. Amir hails from a coastal area and the whole day long he used to be wandering in the beach cutting class. His parents are illiterate. He has a younger brother. He was referred to us by a priest who took pity on the family and wanted Amir to grow up to be an honest citizen!

Amir has some physical disability that prevents him from playing with the rest of the children. He has a limp and walks haltingly. His attention span is extremely limited, can’t sit in one place. Does not obey instructions and gets into trouble with the supervising staff. However, his goodness of heart surpasses all his limitations. He loves to serve and takes delight in it. Possesses a high sense of belonging to the Institution and has a cheerful nature; wears a bright smile all the time; knows no malice; does not keep a score of wrongs!!

Amir is making great progress and we are delighted to see this boy struggling to be someone! God willing he will succeed!