The vast number of our children in our five ‘homes’ is from disturbed single parent families. The rest are total orphans! They are referred to us by CWC ( Child Welfare Committee). No direct admission is done. It is this committee that decides whether the children should be sent ‘home’ for their holidays or should be shifted to other centres.
Most of the children remain with us all through the year as they have no place to go to! Holidays are fun-filled days for children and a tough but enjoyable time for the staff! This means lots of planning and involvement of many good-hearted volunteers!
The main certificates Children should have are CWC order, destitution certificate, Adhar Card, date of birth certificate.


Besides providing tuition to improve their academic studies we offer our children the following hobbies :
Guitar, piano, violin, drums, flute, tabala, chenda, band, kurash, yoga, foot ball, basket ball, cricket,…


We are not alone in our service to the young. There are many individuals and organizations that lend us a helping hand to serve them in most amazing and incredible ways. The most noteworthy assistance is from KPMG. We are privileged to have KPMG reaching out to us in a big way in all our services. Both academic and vocational training at Don Bosco Boys’ Home and Valsalya Bhavan Annexe are supported by KPMG. They also extend their support to Sneha Bhavan and Valsalya Bhavan.

We have been able to plant trees and do farming thanks to KPMG.
Don Bosco Pyscho-Social Support Centre and Infirmary for our children have also received substantial assistance.

The KPMG staff has spent many hours in voluntary activities among our children during the year. They bring with them lots of youthfulness, enthusiasm and joy! Children look forward to such interesting and creative interaction.

The lives of our children have been lighted up in many ways. Differences are visible in their academic performance, co-curricular activities and in their overall growth.
We are into the second year of our association with KPMG.

THANK YOU KPMG! We will continue to be true to our commitment to the welfare of the most disadvantaged children in our society! Thank you for your encouraging and trusting partnership!


Our children at Sneha Bhavan were lucky to have the company of 16 students from ASIA METROPOLITAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL (AMETIS), Malaysia on July 6,7. They were accompanied by their principal, three teachers and one parent. The interactions were in the evenings. July 6 evening found them singing, dancing, painting and having tea and dinner together. The group left on July 7 at 7.00 p.m.
“ We will return! This is the best part of our visit to Kerala! Thank you for having us with you!”

The visit was coordinated by Sivakami of AMETIS.