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news 2015

There are experiences that stir your emotions and soften your whole being in a most incredible way. This was what happened to me the other day when little 8 year-old Adarsh was brought to me as I sat chatting with a few kids. Adarsh wore a charming smile.

His grandfather who brought the little kid had many things to share. The boy’s parents died young about 4 years ago. The grand father is alone with no house of his own. His daughter who was caring for Adarsh for the past 4 years, left for a faraway place in search of work. Adarsh was handed over to his grandfather. Chocked with feelings copious tears were falling down his cheeks as he narrated to me the unhappy happenings surrounding the life of Adarsh.

 I held the boy’s hands in my own and asked him a few silly questions to make him feel at home! A ‘kit-kat’  and a loving hug followed. Now Adarsh is part of our large family! He is not  alone!  It is our sacred responsibility to take good care of Adarsh . We will try!

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