The other day Aby’s father came to meet him and took him out to do some purchasing. After the purchase his cell phone disappeared. Both the father and the son believed that it was probably left at the billing counter. They betook themselves to the shop only to find that it was not there. The next day one of the staff members happened to go to the school and found Aby trying to make a call from a cell phone! Aby had his own very plausible explanations!! The phone is with the warden!
Aby is restless in all the classes. He finds it difficult to concentrate. Picks up quarrels with his companions. Does not like to be corrected. Is a cool guy! He seems to be inventing problems just to try our patience! Aby is good at studies. He reads well and loves to play. He prays like an over-enthusiastic evangelist! Though fifteen he has not received Communion as he was in a home run by Jehowah’s Witnesses!

Aby’s parents are divorced. His sister is with his mother who lives with her own sister’s family. His father is a drunkard and a drug-addict. He lives by himself and works in a restaurant. Aby seems to have mastered the art of manipulating his separated parents as it often happens in such families!
Aby’s brother too is with us. “ If you send Aby away our lives will end on a railway track. We have no place to live!”, pleads his mother. I will NEVER send Aby away. He is with us to be redeemed and not to be condemned!