Today he is 15 years old. “ We are good friends. Aren’t we?” I ask him. “ Yes, we are!” He replies. This is our constant starter for any conversation and I always introduce him to others as boy who is good at Maths.

Alok remains a mystery to me. He hails from somewhere in Andhra Pradesh. He was picked up by the police from the streets of this city and brought to us nine years ago. He ran away from the centre twice only to return by himself. Once he was taken to his native village in search of his relatives with no clue as to his familiar childhood neighbourhood. He was placed in a home there and within a year he was back to Don Bosco!

He always was a loner. He likes to have his own privacy and hates any interference in his life from others. Alok has his ups and downs. He is quite studious and loves Maths in which he scores cent per cent! He loves to read newspapers and magazines.

Alok gets into all kinds of troubles with his companions who by now have learned to put up with his idiosyncrasies. My approach to Alok is one of patience and humility. He needs to feel that he is a winner and once he tastes victory he steps down from his victory stand only to apologize for his follies. “ Sorry Father! I made a mistake and I won’t do it again!” Isn’t this a sign of nobility?
Alok is enigmatic! He has his own share of follies. Who does not have them? Here is a boy with a great future. He will make his own unique contribution to the society!