God’s providence is real! I have tasted its sweetness and continue to do so. It is an indescribable, incomprehensible and awesome reality! How do you explain the fact of an unknown visitor meeting me in the sacristy after the noon Mass and later sending me a good sum of money for my project on behalf of the deprived children we serve? Or again, what do you think of a friend of a friend of friend of mine ( third degree friend!) a non-Catholic, pledging to meet 20% of the project expense?
All my life I have experienced the extraordinary intervention of a God who loves the poor. He cares for the more than 175 children living under our roof in four centres. He sees to it that the multi needs of the children are taken care of. It is the most amazing grace of God who knows what ‘s best for us. Trusting in His Providence we do good and He never fails! This is true. Believe me.

Being generous with the underprivileged in society is the most secure insurance one can ever rely on. The only premium we pay is acts of kindness and compassion. The good Lord is never outdone in generosity.