“ Father, we have nowhere to go. I have no home . I am working as a house-maid . They won’t let me keep my sons with me. My girl is with the Nuns. Please Father, accept my sons.” Accept we did. She felt greatly relieved as she thanked me profusely for this favour. It was getting dark and the lady had to travel long to get to her place of work. The two boys – one 8 years old and the other 5 years old have joined the rest of the family. Now on this will be their dwelling.
This is not a rare case. Most of our children are from such situations of deprivation, want, misery, rejection and despair. We are glad to be of some comfort and consolation to such children.
It is indeed a sign of recognition and privilege when such cases come to us. They come with much expectation and confidence. We feel trusted when children are entrusted to us. Of course such gestures are accompanied by the sacred responsibility to offer our children the best they deserve in the spirit of Christian love!