Don Bosco Sneha Bhvan is a project that is sustained by the miraculous, awesome intervention of God. We have been experiencing the prodigality of God’s love through many of our dear friends, volunteers , agencies and benefactors!

Not a day passes without someone giving a call or dropping in to see if we need something! “ Can we help in some way?” , is the regular enquiry. To be here is to experience the goodness of people – all sorts of them from all religious beliefs, walks of life and professions!

We know that 2016 is going to be a year filled with more blessings! This year will witness the construction of a new home for Sneha Bhavan, the inauguration of the DON BOSCO PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT CENTRE at Don Bosco Boys’ Home campus, the construction of a new infirmary for the children of Don Bosco. The infirmary will also serve the children of Sneha Bhavan and the young men of Bosco Nilayam!

2016 will usher in new services to assist the children and young people of the nighbourhood! Counselling services, skills training, library and reading room facilities etc. will make our presence more meaningful, enriching and universal.

Summer vacation will also bring new life to the neighbourhood!
We have begun 2016 with lots of hope, optimism and creativity!