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Inspired by Don Bosco and challenged by the marginalization of the young, we will strive to reach out to them, to heal the brokenness in their lives, to inspire and to support them towards a new life, to accompany them back to the mainstream of society by joining hands with socially responsible persons and organizations. We also strive to create in the society a caring attitude towards its young in various situations of risk.»  
YOUNG AT RISK are street children/ youth, child labourers, child beggars, un- accompanied children,
children in conflict with law, abused
and abandoned youth, run away children, children from dysfunctional families…


  Among the many family celebrations that we have at Sneha Bhavan CHRISTMAS celebrations are indeed the most joyous. Christmas is associated with colour, lights, singing of carols, dance, music, laughter, friendship and exchange of gifts. (Read More)



Our children seem to have a way of winning trophies even with the minimum of coaching . They have a fighting spirit which comes out of their intense longing for survival. (Read More)



  “ Children are our treasure and they need to be treated as such. I am happy that Don Bosco Sneha Bhavan does just that”, said commodore Sanjeev Dureja , the director of NIAT, Cochin who was the chief guest of the day. (Read More)
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